Solyony the Pitiless

Human Spellcaster


Lawful Neutral; AC 13 (studded leather); HPs 9 (d4+2Con+3Toughness) S 13, I 12, W 17, D 11, C 14, Ch 13; worships Jergal and other gods of the dead Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +3; BAB +0/Grapple+1 Skills: Concentration +6, Craft (holy symbol, wood) +2, Knowledge Religion +5, Listen +6, Profession, cartography +4, Sense Motive +5, Spot +5. Weapons (proficient only with dagger): Dagger, mwk (+2att, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2) Armour (proficient with light armour): Studded leather Class abilities: cast Spells (divine); Turn Undead as Cleric Feats: Plague Resistant (regional), Toughness (human), Armour proficiency, light (1st) Spells: 0 lvl (4/day, 4 known: create water, disrupt undead, light, ray of frost) and 1st lvl (3/day, 2 known: chill touch, cure light wounds). Speaks: Common, Infernal Items of note: Dagger, mwk (belonged to his grandfather), Holy Symbol of Jergal (magical amulet that allows wearer to cast another of his or her most powerful healing spell 1/day).


Solyony Ssill’s grandfather had been a member of the church of Jergal in the land of Thay. The grandfather rose in power and influence in the church after having three children, Chebut, Ferapont, and Rode, the father of Solyony. Unfortunatley for the family, a powerful Thayan Wizard was killed in a battle with a Witch and his body was brought before Solyony’s grandfather. The Red Wizards wanted the dead wizard returned to life. They knew this Jergalese priest had the power, but after prayer to Jergal, the priest refused. He explained that the Seneschal felt that it was this being’s time to die and so the power would not be granted. Enraged, the Red Wizards attacked the temple, destroying all within it and razing it entirely. The Ssill family knew they would have to flee. They would now be shunned as unworthy and sooner or later they would all suffer the same fate. Solyony, his mother and father took passage aboard a ship and sailed across the Inner Sea and into the Vilhon Reach to the city of Arrabar.

Time passed and Solyony grew. His parents did all in their power to interest him in many things, to encourage him to follow a career in mercantile interests, but a streak of atavism was strong in the boy and he turned more and more reticent, finding fascination only in death. Whenever he had a spare moment, he studied creatures that had died both recently and long ago, and on a few occasions his parents had to pull him from crypts and mausoleums which he had penetrated out of curiosity. Then, in Solyony’s 17th year, a Red Wizard recognized his father, so the family fled west to Amn and the city of Athkatla.

Due to his parents’ desire to keep him away from necromantic magic and the worship of gods such as Jergal, Solyony never received any formal training in religion or the use of magic, but being intelligent and resourceful, Solyony taught himself. He read tome after tome on the gods of the dead, absorbing information on and a reverence for Jergal as well as some other incarnations of gods of the dead such as Urogalan of the Halflings, Yurtrus of the Half-orcs, Dumathoin and even Mulhorundi gods.

Solyony has had lots of learning, but little experience, his parents being over-protective due to their fear of the Red Wizards of Thay, but he has killed a man. When 19, he fell in love with a woman named Irina, but he was too shy to say anything and he had to watch, painfully, as another, a Baron Tozen had her promise to marry him. Upset at this, Solyony said something very rude to the Baron, who, being a man of pride, insisted they settle their differences honourably. Solyony could not refuse. They met one afternoon, before the Baron had wed Masha, and Solyony killed Tozen. Due to the honourable nature of the confrontation, Solyony was not held responsible, but Irina blocked him out of her life. Solyony believes that he still loves her, and he covets this love as part of what makes him human.

Finally, on his 21st birthday, his parents pooled their resources and purchased him some equipment. They had tried to avoid exactly what Solyony had chosen to be his life, but they knew that he had made up his mind. The only gift Solyony’s parents could give him beyond money for equipment was a dagger that had belonged to his grandfather. Solyony wasted no time spending the money to outfit himself, and then joined…

Solyony is a man who says little. He is most comfortable in the company of a few friends or when comforting or teaching a small group, such as a family. In larger crowds, especially with very outspoken people, he says little, although he wears his displeasure clearly on his face. Due to his shyness in crowds, Solyony almost always has the hood of his cloak over his head. He has a particular dislike of people who like to hear themselves talk, especially since he believes thought, not talk, is what is really important. He also dislikes elves (see below).

Solyony Ssill comes of a long line of Mulan people. He is a typical example of his race, being tall, slim and sallow-skinned with hazel coloured eyes and black hair (although he still shaves his head as many Mulan do). Unfortunately, he is also typical Mulan in his arrogance and conservative nature; although very proud and somewhat arrogant, he is not one to feel superior to others.

His interests lie almost entirely in studying and thinking about death in all its guises and forms. Others often find his fascination morbid, but that is because they do not really understand him. His nature is kind and reliable, and his deep reverence for the natural order of life and death leads him to fight chaos in all its forms. Solyony prays for his spells at dusk (as do all Jergal priests), but he follows the dogma of many gods of the dead:

Jergal (Lord of the End of Everything, Scribe of the Doomed, the Pitiless One) – power, success, joy, weakness, failure, misery, all are transitory and unimportant; seek to bring order to the chaos of life; each being has an eternal resting place chosen at birth and known to Jergal. Urogalan (He Who Must Be, the Blood Hound) – death is to be embraced as a natural end, thus giving honour to the life that was. Yurtrus (White Hands, the Lord of Maggots, the Rotting One) – death is inexorable and eventually claims all life; fear death, for at times it lurks in the shadows intent on inexorable destruction (in the form of the servants of Jergal). Dumathoin (Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, the Silent Keeper) – keep the places of the dead inviolate and well-tended. Segojan Earthcaller (Lord of the Burrow) – no dogma of note from the Gnome god of death. Nephthys and Osiris (Mulhorandi gods of death).

Solyony has little reverence for Kelemvor, whom he feels has taken Jergal’s rightful place in the pantheon, and almost none for Sehanine Moonbow, whose views on death seem to contradict those of Jergal’s (Solyony also feels that elves are unnatural due to their longevity).

DM note: During once such tomb exploration you came across a strange sarcophogus with the holy symbols of a deity that you have never seen chiselled into it. Your curiousity got the better of you so you opened the lid to see what was inside. Mustering all of your strength you managed to slide the lid partially open, enough room to climb inside. The sarcophogus was deeper than you imagined going down about six feet. You felt a strange presence in the resting place so you slipped in. Once inside you found the inhabitant was a cleric from an ancient time that or place that worshipped a deity named Osiris the Judge of the Dead . Suddenly the lid of the sarcophogus closed behind you leaving you trapped. You began to panic as the lid was too heavy for you to lift and the air was quickly escaping. The loss of air made you feel lightheaded and dizzy and you knew you would soon suffocate. The inhabitant of the crypt pressed a cold metal object into your hand, looking down you could see it was a holy symbol. The face of the holy symbol began to change and transform from an ancient one to one of Jergal. The world faded to black as you feared death was gripping you. When you awoke the lid was just as you had left it, open. Did you dream this? You thoughts were brought back to the present as you felt the cold steel of the holy symbol [This holy symbol duplicates your highest healing spell once per day].

Solyony the Pitiless

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