Nazir Khalid


Fighter lvl 1 from Tethyr (Neutral) Str:16 Dex:16 Con:14 Int:14 Wis:14 Cha:8 Feats: Luck of Heroes, Combat Reflexes, Wpn. Focus (scimitar), Combat Expertise, Vexing Flanker Skill Ranks: appraise 1, Handle Animal 4, Intimidate 4, Jump 1, Profession (logistics) 1, Ride 4, Sense Motive 2 Flaws: inattentive Saves 5/4/3 Init: +3 AC: 20 (chain shirt, dex, large wdn shield, Luck) wpns: scimitar, light mace, Mwk x-bow


I grew up in Tethyr, the son of a Calimshite merchant. Often the victim of bullying because of my swarthy skin, I learned early how to hate and how to strike at the most opportune time. Having been around prized equines all of my youth (my father owned a livery), I learned to be an excellent rider. When I became of age, I joined a mercenary company, much to the chagrin of my father. They tasked me to work as the assistant to the logistical sargent, a task much beneath me. All the glory went to the “frontline” fighters, especially Mardigan. When, after 2 years of toiling, I was given the chance to show my virtue, I rose to the occasion. Very few survived the “Battle or the Beregost Bridge”. Not even Mardigan survived, dying in my arms, slain by arrows. The company disbanded shortly after due to lack of numbers, but I keep Mardigan’s memory alive by wearing his ring. He was the best of us and what we should all strive to be. Now, I barely have money for a good horse and no inheritance to fall back on. Surely, a man of my tactical skills can find work in a city such as Athkatle. Surely…..__

Nazir Khalid

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